Special Care Unit

The Special Care Unit (S.C.U.) provides special/ intensive care for the critically ill patients. In the year of 2002, the Unit moved into the Hospital Main Block. There are now 2 private single rooms, 3 semi-private rooms and 1 three-bedded room.

Location: 2/F, Main Block
Booking & Enquiry: 22003123
  The new and unique Patient Monitoring System in S.C.U. is an advanced model of Patient Monitoring System in the Asia-Pacific Region. In addition, a new model of defibrillator (AED-Automated External Defibrillator) has been introduced. It is more efficient in lifesaving and less traumatic to patients. This new model is being widely used in many countries.

The Unit is fully equipped with the latest essential life monitoring and supporting equipment to enhance patients' safety. With our updated & professional knowledge, skills and experience in critical care, staffs of S.C.U. can undoubtedly offer high nursing standard of care to patients.

Specialist Features
SCU Extension
A new four bedded cubicle i.e. SCU extention is nearly ready for use. Mockup has been set up since 27 Apr 2010