X ray Department

Since establishment, the X-Ray Department has been thriving to upgrade the quality and techniques of our services through installation of new diagnostic equipments. Four new Siemens Diagnostic Radiography Machines were installed in the X-Ray Department when it moved to the new wing in mid 2002. One of these is placed to the Out Patient Department for the convenience of our patients. There are some other new machines installed, namely, two Philips Digital Fluoroscopy Machines, a Lorad Mammography Machine and a Siemens Digital Subtraction Angiography Machine. Starting from August 2000, the development processes of all our x-ray films have been computerized. With the two new machines added to our stock, there are four Computed Radiography machines in the X- Ray Department. Being well-equipped with the latest machines, the quality of our x-ray services and the recording system has been upgraded. This is to meet the need for environmental protection and the forthcoming development of the hospital. In addition, with the introduction of Mammotome, a new technology in breast biopsy, the X-Ray Department has been taken a big step forward in providing high-quality breast check-up services.

Location: 1/F, Main Block
Booking & Enquiry: 2200 3112
Fax: 2200 3413
  The X-Ray Department renders its commitments to the general public and provides 24-hours services including:
1) Conventional radiography
2) Special & Contrast Radiography
3) Ultrasound Studies
4) Mammography
5) Mammotome
6) Interventional Radiography
7) Digital Subtraction Angiography
8) Embolisation & Stenting
9) Radiofrequency Ablation