Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department provides a full range of delivery and neonatal services to our clients with full support of a team of doctors and nurses. The department offers various delivery packages to meet clients’ needs. Useful information is available on our brochure which can be downloaded from this website. Additional Obstetric Service Charges To satisfy preference for individual date and time of caesarean section during holidays or outside normal maternity appointment schedule, additional charges are required because of special manpower and operation theatre arrangement.

Obstetrics Booking Enquiry Tel:2200 3131 / 2200 3130 

Neonatal Services Enquiry Tel: 2200 3133

Antenatal Visit Enquiry Tel (RMO):2200 3102 / 2200 3108

Location: 3/F, Main Block
Service Hours
7 days per week24 hours per day
  Vaginal Delivery
Caesarean Section
Ante-natal talk
Postnatal talk
Ante-natal exercise (at Rehabilitation Centre)
Postnatal exercise (at Rehabilitation Centre)